Friday, August 5, 2011

Soda Jerk ('94-'95)

Jealous Butcher released a split cassette of Sodajerk and Slotcar a couple of years after both bands had broken up. Logic dictates that one or more of the people in Soda Jerk must've been behind Soda Girl Records. Anyone know? I used to have a live tape too but I'm not sure what happened to it which is a real shame because I remember really liking their no keyboards cover of Berlin's "The Metro." Kpants considered Soda Jerk to be "our main competition."

Soda Jerk - Self-Titled Demo ('95)

1. Gobots
2. Luck
3. S.P.
4. Luxon Top
5. Broken Dart


  1. Thanks for putting this site together - enjoying learning about the earlier days in Eugene!

    You'll find a copy of "The Metro" here...!/pages/Sodajerk-Eugene-OR/207948059222933

  2. Thanks Ethan, glad you're enjoying the blog. Haven't received any hate mail yet! Were you in Soda Jerk? Guessing so since the link to the blog is now on their facebook page. Thanks for sending the link to the Metro my way!