Sunday, August 21, 2011

Billy Jack (1990-1996)

Billy Jack formed in '89 or '90 when Wayne Shellabarger hit Dave Nagle's car and offered to buy Dave beer if he wouldn't report the accident. Naturally, Dave and Wayne became friends and the band started soon afterward. This is the first Billy Jack release and was recorded not long after Joe Brooks joined the band. When they started there was a drummer named Carl and a keyboardist named Bob both of whom left the band for reasons I'm not sure of. 4-track recordings were made of the original lineup but so far Wayne has yet to unearth the masters so I don't have them. Songs are hilarious and probably not something you'd want your children to hear, especially the bonus tracks I'm including that explain why the band chose the name "Waterproof Records" for their label.

No Job Too Big For This Thirsty Lover (1991)

1. Crystal Up My Butt
2. Tommy
3. Knights In White Cotton Panties
4. Martin
5. Roadkill BBQ
6. Grandpa Ollie
7. $400 Boner
8. Oiling the Mitt
9. Billy Jack Theme
Bonus Tracks
10. In Jail
11. In Jail (extended)

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  1. These dudes were amazing. So smart, so hilarious. Makes me laugh just reading the song titles again.