Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Slaughter on 13th - A Eugene Compilation (Cassette Only, 1992)

This was the last cassette compilation I put out before I moved out of Eugene in early '93. It was the fourth in the series of 13th St. comps and the second released by Disgraceland. The one band from Boring, OR on the tape was Evil Twin Brother, for free downloads of everything they did click here. Greg Freeman did the typesetting, cover art by Wayne Shellabarger.

Slaughter on 13th
1. Why Can't I Be Your Pill - Evil Twin Brother
2. That Smell Downstairs - Something She Said
3. The One About Las Vegas - bunny summer
4. Cross Dressing Can Be a Drag - Boogie Patrol Express
5. Eggs - Blind Lemon Pledge
6. Sometimes - The Black Dahlias
7. The Rise - Marble Orchard
8. Poison - Oswald Five-O
9. E Flat E - Otto
10. Grandpa Ollie - Billy Jack
11. One Step Closer - The Undertakers
12. My Beloved Flock - Two Minutes Hate
13. Soaring - Now William
14. Love on the Ground - The Pearl Divers
15. Falling - Adickdid
16. Grip - Runtmeyer
17. Out of Touch - Marshall Plan
18. Motley's Tombstone - Compost

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  1. Personally, I think this was the high water mark of the 90's Eugene scene... Some really great bands on here!!