Friday, May 18, 2012

Michael Billings - Old Shorteyes is Back (Cassette Only, Dunghill 1988)

Front Cover Removed by request

 Michael Billings - Vocals, probably too many instruments to list
Virtually anyone who'd picked up an instrument in Eugene - Various other instruments

This is a compilation of Mr. Billings' material released by Dunghill in 1988. I know Dominance appeared on the Panic on 13th compilation and I think a couple of these tracks were on The While Liberals' Cat Behavior 12" ep (which I'll also eventually post) but I'm not sure which of Michael's bands originally recorded the other tracks. If anyone could shed some light on any of the tracks I'd really appreciate it. Check out Michael Billings' latest project here Black Roof City

Michael Billings - Old Shorteyes is Back!! (Dunghill, 1988)
1. Too White to Fuck
2. Detached Retina
3. Dominance
4. Life on the Farm
5. Solid Citizens
6. Excess Straight
7. Frank, Guy, Mike
8. Once Upon a Time in Eugene
9. 29 Diamonds
10. Liberals
11. Soul But No Soul
12. Mundane
13. Litany
14. Capetown Monday
15. Big Shot
16. I Am the Jackal
17. Two Men and a Cow



  1. We seem to be missing track 15 (Big Shot) from the zip file...

  2. Dammit, you're right we are missing Big Shot. I'll try and correct that soon and repost.