Friday, May 18, 2012

Los Xplorers - Live 1981 (Unreleased)

Henry Cooper - Guitar
John Barley - Guitar
Fred Kellogg - Bass
Marlon Rieber - Drums
Frank Poloney - Sax

Los Xplorers were around from '80-'82 and played at Taylor's a lot. This band could seriously play! Don't know much about their history but I'm thankful that Henry has given me permission to post these live tracks. I think Henry said he had a few discs of live material that had recently been given to him by a fan, hopefully Henry will eventually share more of this stuff with us. Enjoy!

Los Xplorers - Live, 1981

1. Mohawk Twist
2. Shake Your Money Maker
3. Bad Boy
4. Baby Scratch My Back
5. The Crawl
6. Watch Out
7. Cochran Medley
8. Rawhide
9. Madison Blues
10. Rock Therapy
11. Long Legged Girl
12. Treat Her Right
13. Rockinitis
14. New Orleans/Mickey's Monkey/Shout

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