Friday, May 18, 2012

Dose - Singleton b/w Sparrow Song 7" +1 (C/Z Records,'90)

Rob Henson - Guitar/Vocals
Chris Ross - Guitar/Vocals
Steve Grey - Bass
Collin Ross - Drums

Here is the first (only?) single by Dose released in '91 by CZ Records. The additional track was on I-5 Killers V2 I think. All three songs were originally released by the band as a demo cassette. They were around for at least a couple of years so it seems like they must have recorded more than this, anyone know? My knowledge is pretty much limited to the fact that Rob used to live on W12th across an alley from me. Not much to go on is it?

Dose - Singleton 7" (1991)

1. Singleton
2. Sparrow Song
3. Evil Boweevil (bonus track)



  1. I'll have to dig up the WOW HALL video.
    Marble Orchard did one gig with them about 1990.
    The girls did scream for them.
    Lucky them!

    Ron Kleim

  2. They did release one full length CD that I know of. Sure wish they had released more.
    Dose ‎– The Planet Purgatory Field Companion

  3. This single spoke to so much potential. I was an avid fan. They did put out a CD and they had one track on a Buzzcocks compilation that I think CZ put out.

  4. Hi! I'm Rob. The song from I-5 Killers was Evilboweevil. We also were part of CZ's Buzzcocks compilation and were on Teriyaki Asthma with Ween, MX80 and Treepeople. As ugly and Global Ruckus attest, we had a full length CD put out by Earthing/Caroline. We recorded another session in late '94 that went unpublished, and we broke up in '95. Good times!