Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Falling Spikes - Teen Trash Vol. 10 (LP Music Maniac Records)

John Barley - Guitar/Vocals
Molly Drahn (Barley) - Vocals
John Ferris - Guitar
George Khier - Organ/Harmonica/Guitar
Pete Weinberger - Bass
Michael Miller - Bass
Boyd Small - Drums
Bob Beisser - Drums
Richie Cuellar - Drums

Okay so I don't remember everyone who was in The Falling Spikes although I did see them play a few times. I'm sure someone will ridicule me on the Facebook page and eventually provide the needed information. John Barley has been playing music in Eugene for a long time and most of you must've seen him in several bands. This record compiles all The Falling Spikes recordings with one exception but I can't remember which song that was, just that the master had been destroyed. Hopefully a few of the former Spikes will chime in with some history and let us know what the missing tune is.

The Falling Spikes - Teen Trash Vol. 10 (Music Maniac Records)

1. 7+7 Is
2. Doesn't Matter Anymore
3. You're Gonna Miss Me
4. Big Blue Wave
5. Clam Dippin'
6. The Door
7. Teenage Head
8. History
9. Don't Crowd Me
10. Glass in the Sand
11. Pushin' Too Hard
12. Headline
13. Lost World
14. My Baby Hurt My Head


  1. Great LP
    A few songs were also on MOXIE releases such as Clam Dippin' Big Blue Wave, etc.

  2. Actually, although that is my picture on the album cover, I did not play with the Falling Spikes. On the day they were going to take the band picture, the drummer, Richie Cuellar, did not show up. So I stood in for him.

  3. Thanks for the info Jeromoe, couldn't remember Rich's last name!

  4. Jerome was more handsome than I was, so it worked out!