Friday, March 23, 2012

Punishment Farm - Live on the Paul Burnett Show ('83)

Billy Taylor - Vocals
Trey Gunn - Guitar
Mike Medler - Bass
Chuck Clearwater (RIP) - Drums

Punishment Farm were a little before my time so unfortunately I never got to seem them live. What is fortunate is that Mike's parents recorded their performance on The Paul Burnett Show in 1983 which aired on cable access in Eugene. The audio here is pulled from a DVD-R of that 29 year old VHS. Simply put, this band was amazing. They released a cassette which Trey Gunn has told me he's going to remaster, hopefully when he does he'll allow me to share it here. Trey gave me permission to post these tracks and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank him publicly. Please check out more of Trey's music here. Please enjoy what must be Eugene's most technically proficient post-punk effort. Damn this makes me want to hear their official demo!

Punishment Farm - Live on the Paul Burnett Show ('83)

1. Black Kids
2. When Will She Come Again?
3. The Great Iron Masque
4. My Eye
5. We Are Campaigning
6. I'm Not Special
7. Lady Loneliness
8. What's a Wife For Anyway?


  1. thank you thank you thank you
    i've spoken of them for many years. now i have tangible proof of their existence.

  2. Trey Gunn is remastering their officially released cassette and allowed me to post the live stuff to tide people over in the meantime. The "Punishment Farm's Greatest Hits" tape will appear on this blog, just not sure how soon.

  3. I just copied my old demo cassette to my computer, like 10 minutes ago. Billy gave me the tape in 82 or 83. The sound kind of sucks, but I was able to re-master the stereo mix to be acceptable to listen to while driving around. I'm sure Trey's re-master will be MUCH better!

  4. Hey Bill, if you feel like uploading that to Rapidshare or some other file sharing site I'd love to have a copy. Don't know how long Trey is going to take to re-master and I've been dying to hear this thing since I got these live tracks. If you feel inclined, please send a link to if you send a link it will NOT be reposted on this blog, it'd just be a favor to me as I've promised Trey to wait for his version of the PF tape. Thanks!

  5. Is the video footage on youtube? Would love to watch it.
    Also, ditto with the cassette, would love to hear it and then be able to appreciate the improvement in sound on the remastered version.

  6. Boy would I love to get my hands on this material. I started with the band playing guitar when we formed in '81. I left the band in '83. Those were some fun times!!!

  7. Bill Brewer, do you happen to have contact info for Billy Taylor? We lost touch years ago. Thx! d.

    1. Billy can be reached at:

  8. Can you re-upload since Rapidshare isn't working? Would love to hear this stuff again.

  9. More than 20 years of search since somebody's VHS from Gorge Video Productions 'Hard winds a blowin' and 'Raw Power'... Thanks a lot! Riders from Brazil