Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pollen Count - (Cassette Only Compilation, '92, Amacha Productions)

At long last, here is the Pollen Count compilation I've been promising to post for months. Thank you all for your patience! This was released in '92 by Mike Amacha (aka Mike Healy). At the time, I remember being surprised that I hadn't heard of half the bands on this thing. Since I've started the blog and the facebook page I now know that as large as my collection is, I barely scratched the surface of all the music going on in Eugene. Was/is there a single resident of the town between the ages of 20 and 60 that wasn't in a band at some point? Hopefully Mike can chime in with details regarding some of the bands. I do know that Pine Box eventually led to Kpants and that Otterpop was bunny summer on a day when we thought about changing our name. I remember the Big I Am releasing a tape which I now really wish I'd picked up, forgot how much I liked their track on this thing. Please email me if you've got it!

Pollen Count ('92, Amacha Productions)

1. Medicine Wheel - Hold the Grudge
2. Adickdid - All-American Girl
3. Otto - R.P.
4. Jollymon - Tolusa
5. Dead Legion - Chosen Sin
6. Holy Rodent - Guns-Guitars-n-VCR's
7. Oswald Five-O - Preyed Upon
8. Treatment - Jesus 4 Sale
9. Beradino - When I Was Hot
10. Runtmeyer - Apple Juice
11. Saw God - Is This
12. Poiligator - Death Rattle
13. The Undertakers - I Tried
14. Otterpop (aka bunny summer) - Crush
15. Big I Am - Colt 45
16. Aunt Flow - Creature
17. Pine Box - Not Kind


  1. Holy Rodent! now I am going to try to put this question to rest. Who were the original members of Holy Rodent? was it Zack, Don(from Warning Broken Machine) and Tory Martin? or was Tory not really in the band? I remember Zack being the main member... any thoughts or answers?

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    2. Tory claims to have come up with the name, if I recall.

    3. Tory claims to have come up with the name, if I recall.

  2. Just sent your question to Mike Healy who put Pollen Count together, he ought to have some answers which I'll repost here.

  3. Sorry Jon, heard back from Mike and here's what he had to say:

    "I don't remember who was in Holy Rodent. I know it was Zach and I think it was Tory and it might have been Jason on guitar too."

    Not much more info than you already had.

  4. Most of the time these lines are always impress me Pine Box eventually led to Kpants and that Otterpop was bunny summer on a day when we thought about changing our

  5. This track was the solid line up that was basically unchanged for years, Zacharia Comatose on vocals, Nate Carson drums (went on to Point Line Plane and Witch Mountain), Tracy Sharn on metal percussion, Sean Downs on bass, and Don Haugen (myself) on guitar.

    Zach and myself were the backbone of the group. Tory Martin was around a lot in the earliest stage of the band, but never a member.

  6. Thank you for posting this! I have been looking for this for years!

  7. Woaw, Otto was on this?! I have the demo tape!

  8. Thanks for posting this! Not sure if this blog is still active, but if so I can get you a copy of the BIg I Am tape you refer to above. My name is Jim Kelso, vocals for that band. email me at if you are interested and I'll see if I can find anything. Thanks again, this is rad as f.

  9. Hello all, I just purchased a copy of the extremely rare Pollen Count cassette from the fine folks at Discourage Records in Portland, Oregon. They still have a few more copies left in their stash. Look them up at musicstack or email them directly at

    BTW, the tape came in at least three colors: green, purple, and white.