Friday, March 9, 2012

Undertakers, The - Time Machine 7" + bonus tracks ('92 Tombstone Records)

Kevin Shapen - Guitar
Jason Hill - Vocals
Pat Yonally - Organ
Brett Morse - Bass
Todd Kinner - Drums

The Undertakers were around for a year or two in the early 90's. I saw them a few times, always a fun show even if I was nearly deaf for 2 days after standing too close while watching them at Max's once. I remember thinking they must have super glued Pat's fingers to his keyboard as almost every other part of his body was in motion while the band played. The Undertakers recorded way more than they ever released some of which is included here. They recorded a still unreleased full-length that may eventually appear on this blog once Brett gets me the DAT and I find a way to bump it to CD-R. Enjoy!

The Undertakers - Time Machine 7" + bonus tracks ('92 Tombstone)
1. Time Machine (Mono from 7")
2. Lookout (Mono from 7")
3. I Tried (bonus track)
4. Lookout (bonus track)
5. Shelia (bonus track)
6. Time Machine (bonus track)
7. Surf Stomp (bonus track)
8. One Step Closer (bonus track)
9. Re-Explore Your Mind (bonus track)
10. Mine All Mine (bonus track)

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