Sunday, March 18, 2012

Single Mary - S/T 7" e.p. (1987)

Jon Wallace - Guitar
Kathy Ozanich - Bass
Mike Stewart - Drums
Laura Rathbun - Keyboard

I don't know a hell of a lot about Single Mary. They were together from '83 - '89 or so and released this e.p. in 1987. As far as I know, this is their only release. Please post more info. in the comments if you have it! The picture and music are sourced from the blog the thinner the air please click the link and check it out, evidently I committed a serious blogger party foul by not crediting that blog when I originally posted this so my apologies to Ryan who is the blog's admin, I won't repeat that mistake in the future.

Single Mary e.p. (1987)

1. Uptight World
2. Something Called Love
3. So Suppressed
4. Easy Way Out


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  3. Single Mary was a power pop band in Eugene, Oregon in the mid to late '80s. They had different influences. Jon was into garage rock and classic '60s rock. Laura liked The Bangles. Jon was in many bands like The Nads and Los Xplorers. They made this ep and later moved to L.A. Jon and Kathy later moved to Portland. Jon owns Duff's Garage, a rockabilly/country club. Their drummer played those awful '80s electronic drums.

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