Sunday, March 18, 2012

Slotcar - Slotcar demo (Jealous Butcher, Cassette Only, '95)

Ben Barnett - Bass/Lead Vocals
Scott Van Deusen - Guitar/Vocals
Ryan Barber - Guitar/Vocals
Jon St. Clair - Drums

I saw Slotcar once or twice, don't know a lot about them other than the fact that Ben Barnett would eventually become Kind of Like Spitting who have recorded several albums worth of material. I think Kind of Like Spitting re-recorded most of the songs from this demo. This is the only Slotcar release and it came out as a split with Soda Jerk, a great collection from the good folks at Jealous Butcher Records. Please post additional information you have about this band in the comments, thanks!

Slotcar - S/T cassette ('95)

1. Waterworks
2. Backpack Full
3. Porch Song
4. Blame
5. Bridges Worth Burning
6. Anywhere But Here


  1. Hah! That brings back memories.
    Slotcar folks and Sodajerk folks were pals.
    I spent some memorable summer evenings drunk and passed out in a garage with the singer from one and the drummer from the other. Great times, youth.

    At the time of this recording Ben had a gigantic cyst on his forehead that made him look like a baby unicorn. Thankfully he was able to get it taken care of - being a young musician without health insurance isn't easy.

    It was a time of really learning to 'craft' songs - a lot of talk about song structure and key changes from the band.

  2. Hello! Is there any chance of you please please reuploading this? Thank you!