Saturday, March 31, 2012

Brain Forest - S/T (Cassette Only, '91)

Christian Nelson - Guitar/Lead Vocals
Joshua Foster - Guitar/Back-Up Vocals
John Paul - Bass/Back-Up Vocals
Paul Saffell - Drums

Don't know a ton about this band but I'm happy to write that this is the first tape someone has actually submitted to me that I didn't have so thanks Joshua! Hopefully he'll chime in with a little band history. I admire Brain Forest for being the first band I've seen to actively encourage people to pirate their tape (see the cover) because as anyone who has ever self-released a cassette knows, you aren't going to make any money and the most you can hope for is some exposure! Thanks again Josh!

Brain Forest (1991)

1. Nero Plays Ground Zero
2. Heavy Houses
3. Kingdom Idiot/Prohibited Noise
4. Dark Future
5. Pillars & Killers
6. Fester Underfoot

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  1. Way to go Josh. How's Fester? --Paul Saffell (drums)