Sunday, July 24, 2011

Attack and the Fun - Freedom Attack 7" (1980)

This is the earliest thing I have, the only (?) 7" from Attack and the Fun. Released in 1980, about all I know about them is that Steve Nordby said he used to see these guys at the EMU beer garden. They have a myspace page and are currently playing around Eugene as The Procrastinators which has to be the ultimate Eugene band name.

Freedom Attack 7"

1. Freedom Attack
2. It's Gone Deeper
3. Motorcade (bonus track)
4. Maxine (bonus track)


  1. Yes, even in 1980 I was old enough to legally get into the UO beer garden*, you whiny little babies! Now where's my scotch? I mean, ahem... here's a new wave pop band for you all to enjoy!

    * The University Of Oregon got rid of beer gardens many years ago. Corrupting the youth and all...

  2. Some of these guys are still playing shows around Eugene today as The Procrastinators. How is it that nobody thought to use that name a decade or two ago? The perfect Eugene band name.

  3. I THINK that's Bill Bowles on drums.