Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Drills (1981-1983)

Buck Wallen (guitar)
Chuck Clearwater (bass)
Gregg Gouminiouk (vocals)
Bob Beigler (drums)

I don't believe they ever officially released anything . This single studio track is recorded from KLCC's Modern Mono back in 1983 when Dave Damage was the host.

1. Every Band Sucks (But the Drills)


A kind soul dug through his attic and found us an entire live Drills show from 1981! Big thanks to former Friendly Stranger Tim Farley for sharing. Now if we could just turn up additional studio demos...

The Drills - Live at Roosevelt Junior High, 1981

1. We Will Drill You

2. Mommy Gone Berserk
3. I Only Want to Be With You
4. Dropping Acid
5. Why Don't You Just Blow
6. Song of the South
7. Intro
8. Shoot the Blind and Kill the Handicapped
9. Rastaman's Delight (Kill the Pope)
10. 1-2-3
11. Johnny B. Goode
12. Masochistic Girl
13. We Hate John Davidson
14. They're Dead
15. Kill Yourself Rock 'n Roll
16. All We Want To Do Is Save the World



  1. There was no Drills in 1983. Chuck was in Punishment Farm then and Buck was in rehab.

  2. And they were from 1979 to 1981.

  3. 2nd incarnation Tim? I remember Dave playing the Every Band Sucks song on Modern Mono in late 1983 and wondering aloud if they were going to press it as a record implying it was a new recording.