Monday, July 25, 2011

The Flatlanders (1987-1988)

Christopher Cook - Guitar/Vocals
Ed Hutton - Bass/Vocals
Tim Arnold - Drums

The Flatlanders were around in '87-'88 or so and managed to record and release this demo. . This one has stood up to the test of time quite well, surprised my cassette of this was in this good of shape! The Flatlanders also released a tape of live recordings or 4-track demos a couple of years after they broke up. I'll have to dig for that one.

Flatland Radio
1. Death Before Dishonor
2. The Well
3. The Fugitive
4. Poison Flowers
5. Precious Handful
6. Flatland Radio
Bonus Track
7. Irish Temper (Live, from Positively 13th St. cassette compilation)


I don't know if this was released before the Flatland Radio cassette. The recordings are earlier, these sound recorded live to 4-track? I never saw this cassette until well after the band had broken up and maybe Ed who worked at House of Records was just dumping some old tapes, we'll probably never know. Thank you Douglas!

The Flatlanders - S/T Cassette (1987)

In addition to the material above, I have confirmation that a VHS exists of the band playing a WOW Hall basement show in '87 or '88. Don't know if I'll be able to get a copy from Chris or Tim though I will try!

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  1. The Flatlanders were one of the first bands in the Dunghill circle to record at Gung Ho, and I'm glad they did because this is a terrific release. Chris, Ed, and Tim really sound good together. It's clear to me these guys influenced many Eugene bands to follow: that blend or driving beat, country two-step, and almost but not quite pleading vocals. "Death Before Dishonor" is classic.