Monday, July 25, 2011

Cuneiform - Live at the Calkins House '87-'88 (Cassette Only, 1988)

This is the second release of live at the Calkins House material. The first was The Way of Things which I'll get around to posting soon. If you'll recall, before the Calkins House became a bunch of small offices, it was briefly a restaurant, video store and bookshop. During that brief span, it occasionally held spoken word/acoustic shows. No idea who originally put this out as there is no information beyond what appears on the cassette covers above. You might notice there is also no track listing although I've made my best guesses for the mp3's.

Cuneiform - Live at the Calkins House '87-'88
Bacon Critters
Harris and Adele
Some Velvet Sidewalk
John O'Neil
Debbie Nesbitt
Debbie & Marty
Ed Beardsley
Elizabeth Cable
Hershel Bloom
Big Time Poetry Theatre
Marty Schwarzbauer
Mayor of Monroe
Jim Finley
David Braden

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  1. It was the Big Time Poetry Theatre who put it together (and out): Scott Taylor, Steve McQuiddy, Gary Schartz & I.