Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Young Death (1982-1983?)

According to the Panic on 13th Yahoo group, Young Death was Robert Christie, Matt Colgan, Dan McClure and Greg Goumaniek. But isn't that a girl singing on the demo? This tape of short fast punk songs was never released. Please post any info. you have in the comments. 1-11 seem like they're recorded live to 4 track, 12 is a live set from Project Space in 1984.

Young Death
1. Comfort
2. Guitar Song
3. Walking Narcissism
4. Workers Unite
5. Tongue Worship
6. No Energy
7. All That Matters
8. Apathetic Media Slave
9. Stigmata
10. Dirty World
11. Nothing To Me
12. Live at Project Space 5/26/1984 (15 minutes)


  1. The link for this one is broken. I'd really love to have a copy! - Tim

  2. They were the best punk band in Eugene at the time. They tried to move to San Francisco but ended back in Eugene, broke up.

  3. Can't say who's singing. I don't think I ever saw YD live.