Sunday, July 24, 2011

Moose Lodge - New World Babies (Cassette Only, 1984)


Purchased in 1984, this is a demo of amazing synth punk. Hilarious lyrics and a band that can really play. Years after this came out, John O'Neil told me he'd hung out with lead singer Bruno while he smashed copies of the tape in his garage with a hammer. Too bad, because there weren't many to go around, my copy was #86 of 100. Hard to pick a favorite here because I like them all so much but Vaporize Me, Atomize Me and New World Babies might be the standouts. As a bonus, I've included three tracks that didn't appear on the New World Babies tape, as far as I know this is the band's complete output. I only got to see them play once, it was at a high school dance where they had the plug pulled on them after 10 minutes. "It appears that we're done for the evening..." Bruno said, barely started on his two liter bottle of wine cooler sitting prominently on his synth before a room of teenagers. He later went on to sing in Osgood Slaughter and Billy Jack. At least one or two of these guys were also in E-13 at the time. I don't think a year has passed in the last 26 that I didn't listen to this at least a couple of times.
New World Babies
1) Sperm and the Ovum
2) New World Babies
3) Life's a Circus
4) Garbage Truck
5) Vaporize Me, Atomize Me
6) Program For the Future
7) Digital Watch
8) X-Ray Specs
9) Look at the Girls
10) Bricks and Bats
11) I'll Follow You
12) Lunatic
Bonus Tracks
11) Big Parade (from Panic on 13th cassette compilation)
12) Granny Rabbit (from Panic on 13th cassette compilation)
13) Death Is Our Friend (Unreleased Demo)


Moose Lodge's only video. Originally aired on the Mono Zone cable access show in Eugene, 1985?

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