Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Resistance - Uprising (Cassette Only, 1985)

Only saw The Resistance once, at the EMU dining hall in early 1985. All I remember is the singer Gary wearing a beret and being annoyed that the crowd just sat there and didn't react at all. You'd think the guy had never played a show in Eugene before. This was the band's only official release although I heard they recorded a full-length too. I believe they broke up quickly and were only around for a few months. Anyone know more? I think this is a nice post-punk effort.

1. Look Around You
2. Powder Blue Room
3. Veteran's Day
4. Hey Sam


  1. Singer lives in Nor. Cal and is very involved with environmental/human rights groups. Drummer lives up in Seattle, has played in a ton of shitty bands up here, I should know I've been in half of them.

  2. The drummer wouldn't happen to have kept a copy of the Resistance full-length would he?

  3. Get in touch with James Halada or Michael Denning via Facebook. They may be able to help.

  4. Right back atcha, Adem! Gary Hughes is also now on facebook, he may have a copy.

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  6. Mentioned in MRR scene report:
    rapidshare NOT WORKING (ahem)
    Please somebody track down the full length!!