Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dogwater (1988-1990)

Scott Kirkpatrick - Vocals
Boz Rivera - Drums
Ken Holst - Guitar
Chris - Bass
The first cassette released by Disgraceland, early 1989. Brett Morse and I recorded these guys live in their practice space. All songs were recorded in a single afternoon, vocals were overdubbed later the same day. I couldn't recall having seen a band play this fast, Boz looked like he was headed for a heart attack at the end of each set. This was the band's only official release although they did record a never released follow-up "Lick Your Neighbor" which I will also get around to posting soon.

1. Pretty Things
2. Swollen Head
3. You Lose
4. Other Side of the Fence
5. Groper
6. Drunk & Naked
7. Scruby Mama
8. Filter Fun
9. Shut Up Already
10. Marked For Life


This second Dogwater cassette was recorded in a single day in 1990 at the practice space in the house Green Noise records was in off of 6th St. The tape was intended to be the follow-up to the 10 Songs of Fun cassette released the year before by Disgraceland. Can't remember why this never came out, there was a cover drawn up and everything. I think the band may have broken up a couple of months after this was recorded. Scott or Ken, care to tell us the backstory?

Dogwater - Lick Your Neighbor (1990)

1. Who Do You Think You Are?
2. Kung Fool Rodge
3. Relationshit
4. 2 Feet
5. Nobody
6. Dope Doll
7. 2oth Century Texicana Bullshit
8. Robot Square Dance
9. Other Side of the Fence
10. Groper
11. Filter Fun
12. Scruby Mama


  1. I've always wondered, is this Boz "Boz Rivera" who went on to punk glory playing with the likes of RKL etc?

  2. I think that is the same Boz who was in Dogwater. I only saw him once after he moved to SF.

  3. Dogwater was a great band and their live shows were amazing. I had the fortune to play with Ken for a short period of time in Yes Ma'am.

  4. Brent, care to send me a copy of the Yes Ma'am demo? I know one exists 'cause I had the tape many years back. At least one shoe box of my Eugene stuff disappeared during my last 15 moves...