Sunday, July 24, 2011

E-13 aka Etherteen (1982-1986)

John Lyons - Guitar/Vocals
Kelp Bed - Drums
Tim Murphy - Bass
Marc Heathfield - Vocals

From former member Todd Souvignier's website:

The core of E-13, also known as Etherteen or Ether-Teen, was John Lyons (guitar/vocals), Tim Murphy (bass), and Kelp Bed (born Bill Kuder, drums). The band was founded in September 1982 with guitarist Todd Souvignier and vocalist Damon Oliver. Oliver coined the name, inspired by a Venice gang, and the idea of the "Eugene Thirteen." Oliver soon moved into a rented house with Lyons (and others) located on Eugene's East 13th street.

Situated on a main street near the university campus, their high-visibility band house was a perpetual public spectacle, health hazard and freak magnet, yet attracted surprisingly little interference from the hippieshit neighbors and police. Ecstasy was not illegal in those days, but alcohol was the primary vice. There was a steady stream of adventurous breeding stock from South Eugene High School, almost no money whatsoever, and the wildest music and people, seven days a week.

The band played frequently, at venues including W.O.W. Hall and the Erb Memorial Union, as well as numerous house parties, and appeared with groups like the Wipers, TSOL, Minutemen, the Dead Kennedys, Dirge, Final Warning, and many, many others.

In early 1983 the group made a four-track recording, engineered by Chuck Clearwater, in the basement at E.13th Street. That recording by the original line-up was never released and is lost forever as far as we know. By the summer of 1983 both Souvignier and Oliver had been sacked, and the E. 13th St. house was kaput. Lyons took control of the band, brought in Mark "Hand Dog" Heathfield on vocals, and recorded the No Mercy For Swine EP. Other derelict band houses followed, notably the Vatican, which occasionally held shows in its basement, including an early D.R.I. gig. There was also the Cottage of Cheese, home to E-13 buddies the Cheeseheads.

Etherteen went on to release the Quest for Gilligan 7" (1985), their masterpiece. They also contributed a track to the Drinking Is Great compilation with Poison Idea, Final Warning, and Lockjaw (1985). All were issued on the legendary Fatal Erection label (run by Malcolm Conover, and the late Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts of Poison Idea) and are extremely rare. These E-13 recordings have since cropped up on various bootleg compilations.
By 1986 or '87 Lyons and Murphy had formed Osgood Slaughter, with Bruno Bersanti from Moose Lodge on vocals. The group moved to San Francisco, and did a record for Fatal Erection. Lyons eventually wound up in New York, where he led the Barnyard Playboys (1995-2005) and most recently, Peter and the Pansexuals. Murphy is also now in NY, where he works alongside Lyons. Kelp Bed is reportedly in San Francisco playing with Davo "Shredder" Levin. Souvignier is now in New Orleans, where he performs with SOUTHERN SEXUAL. Heathfield was last seen in San Francisco, but hasn't been heard from in years. "

E-13, the band, the legend! Most anyone who would have an interest in this blog has a funny story or two to share about these guys, I encourage you to do so in the comments. I think this is everything that was officially released but Malcolm would be the final word on that since he put all this stuff out in the first place. The "No Mercy For Swine" e.p. also has an insert and rear cover jpg that are included in the download. I would have posted them here but didn't want my blog shut down on day one for adult content. Enjoy! Also, an unreleased album exists but unfortunately someone will have to break into Malcolm's house to get a copy...

No Mercy For Swine

1. Ode to a Motorhome
2. Misguided Missle Youth
3. Eddie
4. Sport Pack
5. Humor Demons
6. Free the Cheese
7. Swizzle Stick
8. Clows Are Experts at Making Us Laugh
Drinking is Great (compilation 7')
9. Pankreatitis
Quest For Gilligan (7")
10. Quest For Gilligan
11. Cheesehead Alert





  1. Anyone have a copy of the never-released album they recorded for fatal erection records in 1985? I've only heard multi-generation crappy cassettes. The masters have to exist somewhere...that would have been an awesome record. Rumor had it that Jerry A. was jealous about how it blew Poison Idea out of the water and so he never let it see the light of day, but that could just be so much B.S.

  2. Seems to me like that would've come out if Malcolm had the money and the band hadn't broken up. If Malcolm doesn't have the master I bet he'd at least have a good copy of it, I'll have a mutual friend ask him about it.

  3. I just ran across this while trying to find my former friend, Kelp Bed, who I knew when he moved to SF in the mid-80's? Hope he's doing well.